Fur Babies vs. Human Babies

Inspired by the Gospel according to John 6: 37-40.

We all have them in our lives. Those loved ones who call their pets their “children”, and refer to themselves as “mommy” and “daddy” in relation. I know, because my husband and I used to be that couple. For us, it's because we had an instinct to nurture matched with a significant fear of raising actual humans. We took our dog to puppy kindergarten, doggy daycare and everything! He even had a daily schedule that involved a rotation of eating, playing, sleeping and "going potty".

There are a lot of similarities between having a small child, and having a dog. At the same time, though--and I mean no disrespect to our furry friends, or their beloved owners--there is a major difference between fur babies and actual offspring.

Pets are what they are. Human children are perpetually in the process of becoming something more. We don’t have children just to have them; we have them to raise them and keep humanity moving forward, hopefully for the better. The goal is that at the end of childhood, our children will become men and women who love God and help others do the same as contributing members of society and Christ's Body. At every stage, we embrace the tension of cherishing them in the moment, and still having that ultimate goal in mind. 

In our spiritual lives, we are not Christians just to be nice people or something. We are God’s children, always growing, always in the process of becoming something more. His goal for us is that when we reach our last day, we are completely united to Him in Love, forever and ever. So in every stage of our growth, we cherish where we are on the journey, all the while keeping forever in mind.

Sweet Jesus,

Thank you for not rejecting anyone who comes to You. I come to You now as your little child on a journey that began with You, and will end with You. May You be everything in between as you continue raising me everyday until I am finally raised up with You on the last one. And these little humans you've given me to raise up for Your glory... Sweet Jesus, help me!


The Metaphorical Oxen Can Wait.

I want to be in that number.