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To Know What Love Is (Want Me To Show You?)

I didn’t want to get all confrontational with this woman, and I tried to avoid it, but she just wouldn't take the hint. Over the years, she had sent me several Facebook friend requests, and I had declined every single one of them. We didn’t know each other at all, and by this point, I preferred it that way.

The Church, The Pedophiles, and the Filipino Party Tree

“A friend of mine was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest up in Atlanta, so I went up and celebrated with him and some of my other friends.  It was really awesome.”
“Oh that’s cool!”
“Did you tell him to stay away from little boys?”  
Stunned and deadpan.  “No.  I didn’t.”

Beautifully Tacky

I had a moment during Mass yesterday when I was staring up at the high, arched ceiling of the ornate sanctuary trying to decide if I thought it beautiful or tacky (often a fine line) and having the profound and amusing thought/prayer of, "What am I doing in a Catholic Church? Columbus, Georgia? I did not see this coming."