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Who are the REAL Christian Americans?

The thing about words is that we have to agree on what they mean in order for them to work properly. On several occasions, I’ve gotten myself into trouble on social media simply by misunderstanding what people have meant by using the word Christian in their statements. My mistake has been in assuming that others have meant the same thing I would mean were I the one using that word. But I've since learned how to avoid these misunderstandings, and navigate these conversations more peacefully.

Trump vs. Hillary: Who has already lost?

Little known fact about myself: I am an experienced politician. Indeed, I have both run for and held an elected office... Not because I deserved it, mind you, but because there was a time in high school when I was one of the cool kids. You know, back when I was a cheerleader who partied a lot, and talked trash about everyone—right before I became a loser (read: Jesus Freak).