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Can we really love Jesus AND hate religion?

The word religion has been getting a pretty bad rap these days, often taking blame for most of society’s major problems. As a result, there are many well-meaning Christians trying to rebrand the faith by disassociating from that term altogether. You'll hear them say things like, “I love Jesus, but I hate religion.” Or “Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship.”

Cake and the meaning of all existence

I’ve always had my impressions of what "Mr. Mastodon Farm" means, but recently got curious about whether or not my understanding was along the same lines of what the artist intended the song to be about. So, we're now 23 years out from the song’s release, and I just recently googled the it’s meaning.

Do we really need priests? (A response to Carl Lentz)

When this Relevant Magazine article showed up in my Facebook news feed with the headline, Carl Lentz to Oprah: 'That’s Why Jesus Came, So You Didn’t Need a Priest in the Middle', I couldn’t help but click on it, watch the videos and read some of the subsequent comments. What I mostly took away from it was a reminder that while I’ve been on this journey of discovering the beautiful relationship with God and His Church known as authentic Catholicism, there are still so many others walking around, continuing to hold and perpetuate gross misconceptions of what the Catholic Christian faith is. So instinctively, I wish to clarify some things here.  

How to avoid what researchers call 'Unethical Amnesia'

For me, science has never explained God away so much as caused me to be more impressed with Him. If anything, the intricacies of nature actually strengthen my faith. I appreciate the thought that science asks the question, “What?” While religion asks, “Why?” Both questions are aimed at discovering truth, and the deepest truths they find will compliment each other, because they come from the same source.