Favorite Finds Friday: January 29, 2016

Favorite Finds Friday: January 29, 2016

I love me some internet. But unfortunately, I don't have time to read/watch/listen to the whole thing. So when I find something that's worth sticking through to the end, I'll let you know about it. Here are my favorite finds from the past week (though they may not necessarily be brand new to the web this week).

1. This father and daughter duo represents everything I love about social media. Just sitting across from them at the dining room table, watching them be awesome, makes me want to pic up a mic and drop it on their behalf. I wish I were this cool. When I try this, the only thing that comes out is fart noises.


2. I cannot wait to visit this man's grave when we get back to Oklahoma later this year! But first, I think I'll read this book. Even this article had my ears and heart all perked-up. Fr. Stanley Rother is being considered for canonization as a Catholic Saint. AND! He's buried right outside of Oklahoma City! Well, most of him is. His heart is still in Guatemala (That is not even a figure of speech. It's just one of those really Catholic things, I guess.)



3. This completely random video of Colbert doing a "liturgical dance", I'm guessing sometime before he became super famous. By the nature of there being absolutely no description or information about this clip, it is legitimately the most random thing I found all week.


4. A really well-written article about uterine fibroids. I wasn't even that interested in uterine fibroids, but a truly gifted writer can make you read about stuff you didn't even know you cared about. And that's what she did.


5. This article on the mainstream media coverage of this year's (and every year's) March for Life in DC, pointing out how sometimes trying to be "balanced" actually means you end up being off. Sometimes real life is just not balanced or neutral. In fact, it rarely is.


6. My husband and I got in a creative discussion about this video discussing the process of making milk. We both already knew it's a pretty effed-up situation, but I was newly grossed out by the artificial insemination part. And he was really grossed out by how condescending and judgmental the girl is to an audience of people who are just trying to feed their families. It's always good to be reminded about these things in making consumer decisions and being responsible stewards of creation. But yeah, I guess Josh has a point. This attitude is also super effective if the goal is to irritate hard working people who are aware of the realities, but can't afford other options right now.


7. And finally, if you don't know that your fly zipper is actually a musical instrument, you clearly aren't paying attention to what the Canadians are up to these days.


Did I miss anything awesome? Probably. Okay, definitely. If so, share below! Have a great weekend!