Tattoo removal and the agony of free salvation

Several years ago, we were very much in a do what you feel phase in life when my husband, Josh, was feeling a half sleeve tattoo of three stars and a bunch of leaves blowing in the wind.

“What if you eventually want to get a job that you won’t be able to get because you’ll have visible tattoos?” I protested.

But he didn’t listen. And really, I didn’t protest all that much. He was really feeling it, ya know? That's really all that mattered.

How to be good and angry

I’m not generally in the habit of arguing with strangers on social media, but this was one of the few exceptions. This particular stranger was my friend’s brother, an embittered atheist taunting her in the comment section of a faith-oriented link she shared on her Facebook page. She was exhausted of him, and invited some of her friends to come to her aid.

On loving people we really don't like

The first time I met Rodillo*, I knew I couldn’t stand that guy. It was 2011, we’d been here at Fort Benning for less than a week as my husband, Josh, was taking his place within the ranks of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and we were attending our very first Ranger Ball (which is like prom for grown-ups).

To Know What Love Is (Want Me To Show You?)

I didn’t want to get all confrontational with this woman, and I tried to avoid it, but she just wouldn't take the hint. Over the years, she had sent me several Facebook friend requests, and I had declined every single one of them. We didn’t know each other at all, and by this point, I preferred it that way.

Life for a Child in the Library

It takes a moment’s worth of courage to stand on the side of the road, hold a sign and pray, but it takes an entire paradigm shift and lifestyle change to say that—when no one else will—we will help share in the responsibility for the very lives we are trying to save. We will help carry that load.