I've encountered the same Jesus in several different settings. First, in the 80's as a little girl in a Baptist Sunday school class. Then, in the 90's as a rebellious teenager turned born-again, Charismatic Evangelical Christian. In 2003, I married a man named Josh who became an ordained Reverend with the Church of God (Anderson) movement. Together, we spent five years ministering to teenagers and their families at Red Fork Church of God in Tulsa, OK.

In 2010, Josh left professional ministry, and joined the US Army. Around the same time, I started learning about the Roman Catholic version of Christianity. One of the first things that caught my attention was that Catholics are always on the same page. Literally! (Though perhaps not always figuratively.) Over a three year cycle, the entire Roman Catholic Church goes through most of the entire Bible together in the daily readings during Mass*. I started to notice something along the lines of that "unity" thing Jesus kept talking about.

Josh and I were both confirmed in the Catholic Church in 2012. A couple years later, in November 2014, we became Mommy and Daddy to a spirited little boy named TJ.

My faith and spirituality--and this blog, for that matter--are now a marriage of the very personal relationship I've developed over the years with this God-man person we call Jesus, and the sacramental, liturgical life of the Catholic Church that brings me closer to Him and others than ever possible before.

Whether you're Catholic, Protestant or other, a mother now, hope to become a mother eventually, a spiritual mother, or just a really big fan of the Motherhood vocation, I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee, and join me for some reflections on the Church's daily Gospel readings. As we take these moments, may the Good News of the Living Christ infuse our generation of Christian mothers, inspiring and animating us as we keep His Story moving forward.

*We skip the long Old Testament genealogies, and stuff like that.