I am what I am. (It was much cooler when God said it to Moses, though. When I say it, it’s definitely more like Popeye.)

At present, I'm married to a soldier, we have a baby boy, I'm a graduate student, and a Roman Catholic convert hailing from the Post-Evangelical refugee camps of the American spiritual landscape. I tend to write about these things. 

Previously, I've worked in education and TV and film production.

In November 2014, I left my full-time job in mainstream news media to focus on my new, even fuller time job as mother to a spirited little boy named TJ. Now, instead of spending my days writing about politics, crime, and the problems of the world, I get to spend my days collaborating with Creator God Himself to cultivate a brand new human life experience. And when my child is asleep—or otherwise preoccupied with making a lot of noise and/or a huge mess—I get to put my writing towards things I truly love, like Jesus, the Church, marriage and motherhood. 

I still write about current events sometimes, but only as they relate to the things I love. 

Four names I go by
1. Christina
2. Chris
3. Stina
4. Mama
Four places I've lived
1. Georgia
2. Maryland
3. Washington D.C.
4. Oklahoma
Four places I have worked
1. Gloria Jean's Coffee
2. McClure Elementary School
3. Bath and Body Works
4. WTVM News Leader 9
Four things I love to watch on TV
1. Friends
2. Parks and Recreations
3. 30 Rock
4. Drunk History
Four places I have been
1. Rome
2. Costa Rica
3. Jamaica
4. Cayman Islands
Four things I love to eat
1. new food
2. comfort food
3. healthy food
4. food
Favorite drinks
1. cold, clean water all day
2. Land of a Thousand Hills coffee in the morning
3. Lavender Chamomile hot tea in the evening
4. Ginger Greens from the Juice Bar on Thursdays